Kennel Training Basics

kennel trained pitbull

Kennel Training is relaxing and should never be stressfull

Kennel training is something I recommend to all my clients with young puppies and most newly adopted dogs.  Kennel training fast tracks the house training process and provides your puppy a safe retreat.  Who doesn’t need their own space every once in a while?

 Benefits of Kennel training: 

  • House training

  • Prevents counter surfing

  • Prevents chewing

  • May prevent developing separation anxiety

  • Grooming, dogs that get groomed will almost always have to go into a kennel at some point in time. A dog that gets stressed out in the kennel will be even more stressed when he goes to the groomer.

  • Showing, dogs that are shown need to be kennel trained.

  • Emergency situations, if your dog has to go to the vet due to illness or injury there’s a good chance that he’ll have to be kenneled. If your dog isn’t comfortable in a kennel this will only add to the level of stress.  They’re also situations such as family emergencies. Your dog may have to go to a kennel to get boarded, another example is when national disasters strike like Hurricane Katrina or Harvey. Dogs that are displaced often end up temporarily being kenneled. These situations are already stressful for your dog, so even if you don’t plan to use a kennel for day-to-day life it’s a good idea to crate train your dog.

 When kennel may not be helpful: 

If your dog already has true separation anxiety then kenneling your dog may not be a ideal solution.  Your dog may still benefit to kennel training, but that wont solve anxiety in fact it may make it worse.

 What size kennel should I get my dog? 

Grab a tape measure and measure your dog while standing, taking a measurement from the nose to the base of the tail for its length. For its height, have your dog sit and then measure it, as some dogs are taller while sitting. Add between 4 inches to both measurements for the ideal crate height and length.

What type of kennel should I get my dog? 

Wire kennels 
  • Good for dogs that get hot easily, due to either living in a hot climate or having a heavy coat

  • With some models, you can buy a divider to section off the crate, so your dog’s area in the crate starts out small and gets bigger as he grows

  • Many wire crates fold flat for carrying or storage

  • Removable floor tray is easy to clean

 Plastic Airline kennels 
  • Good for dogs who like cozy spaces and tend to sleep in corners or under tables

  • Can be used for airline travel – if your dog is acclimated to this type of crate, flying with him will be easier

  • More difficult for escape artists to get out of; if your dog is good at breaking out of crates, you may need to get him a plastic crate that’s one size too big for him to prevent him from escaping

  • Available in different colors

  • Top half of crate comes off and can be stacked inside bottom half for storage

 Check out our other blog for How to Introduce Your to a Kennel

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