Manage Jumping When Your In A Hurry 

Prevent jumping. Stop jumping.

One of the most common questions we get is “How do I keep my dog from jumping up.” Jumping up may annoy guests or even hurt. Plus, it is just plain rude!

Dogs jump for many different reasons, this blog is going to focus on what to do to prevent your dog from jumping up when people come through the front door.
Dogs jump in this scenario, because it’s a way of greeting their new friends or their family members. Another reason that dogs jump in this scenario is because they lack the doggie impulse control it would take to perform an alternative Behavior.

There are two categories of solving jumping the first category is managing the behavior. Managing jumping means that you’re going to prevent your dog from practicing jumping, remember the more a dog is allowed to practice jumping the stronger that behavior will become especially if the occasional guest pets your dog when he is jumping up. The other category is training, training is where your dog learns a alternative behavior that is not compatible with jumping, such as going to his bed, sitting or laying down.

Managing jumping is done when you are in a hurry or can’t fully focus on your dog. It keeps the behavior from getting worse, but doesn’t solve it.

5 Ways of Managing Your Dog’s Jumping 
1.Put your dog in a separate room or in a kennel until your guests are in the house and settled in. Kennel your dog when you’re away, so that when you first come home your dog is not able to jump on you.

2.If you know that your husband comes home from work at a certain time or if you have a heads up that guests are coming over leash your dog before they’re expected arrival time. When you’re opening the door you can stand on your leash. You want to allow enough room so that your dog doesn’t feel the leash unless he jumps up. The leash should prevent your dog from jumping up.

3. Giving your dog a distraction right before you open the front door is also a good way to manage jumping. Try giving your dog a Kong stuffed with his favorite wet food or peanut butter. You can freeze the Kong toy if you need it to last longer. Give your dog the Kong in the same room where guests are entering, but not to close to the door.

4. Try using a tether that is close to the entry way. I suggest putting a dog bed approximately 10 to 15 ft away from the door that guests normally enter the home. You can also put a dog bed there, so that when you do have time to train you can use this to teach your dog to go to his bed when guests are coming in.

5.If there is another person home that can help have them play tug or fetch with the dog as guests are coming inside.

You may have to trial and error to see which of these management options work best for your dog! You can also mix and match them while providing your dog with a Kong while in the kennel or while tethered on his bed. Once you find one you and your dog like then I recommend continuing to use it until your is fully trained not to jump.

 Stay turned to our blog because our next blog post will teach you how to train your dog not to jump up!  

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