Escaping Dog

I’m often surprised that people are not more concerned when their dog escapes.  Besides fear of receiving a summons from Animal Control there are a lot of dangers present even in a calm neighborhood.  Dogs may run into suburban wildlife like raccoons and coyotes.  They may be hit by a car.  There is also a strong possibility they may have a run in with a leashed neighborhood dog.   Most dogs act very different if they are running loose and their owners aren’t around. If your dog is escaping you should take corrective action ASAP.

Management (making him want to be in the yard)

Dogs need activities to keep them busy. If we don’t provide them appropriate activities and keep their minds stimulated, your intelligent, healthy dog will find things to do on his own. Normal dog behavior includes chewing, jumping, digging, running the fence line, and tearing things apart.

Bringing your dog inside when you aren’t home is a sure fire way to keep your dog from getting out as well.  If you feel bad about leaving your dog in all day then a dog walker or doggy daycare might be just the solution for you!

Games that utilize your dog’s nose are great exercise.

 A very large portion of a dog’s brain controls their olfactory function, therefore, the more we create activities where they get to use their nose, the more stimulated and tired they will get.

-Keep lots of different things for him to do in the yard.  Fill your rubber kong with goodies, and have the treat dispensing toy outside too.  Change what they are filled with daily, so they don’t get bored.

 -As he gets better and better at finding and playing with those goodies, you can hide them in more and more challenging locations.  This will help tier out his mind much faster.

-A tired dog is a good dog.  Add exercise into your dog’s daily routine and make sure that he has plenty of time to run. Maybe go to a big fenced in baseball field, use a longer leash when out for walks, or try flirt pole training for your dog.

Fencing should be able to keep your dog in even if he wants to get out.

Check your gate regularly and teach your kids to as well.  If your kids are not good about securing the gate consider using a lock with a key, so you know when the gate is being opened. (The kids will have to get the key from you)

Inspect your fence and look for broken pickets.  These can be replaced pretty easily and you can replace the single picket.  If one picket is broken your dog can easily break more while you are at work for the day. I’m sure you have heard the saying good fences make good neighbors.

If your dog is going up and over the fence coyote rollers maybe a excellent solution.

For information about coyote rollers: click here

Keeping your dog safely secured in your home and yard is one of the most important responsibilities of being a responsible pet owner and depending on where you live there maybe low-cost options for help with building fence for your dog.

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