Board and Trains

Sometimes owning a dog on top of the responsibilities of everyday life can be overwhelming; especially when that dog has behavior issues.  In a perfect world dog owners would proactively prevent behavior issues from developing, but sometimes with even the best of intentions they pop up any ways.  Sometimes, owners end up with a adopted dog that came with behavior problems, sometimes being prone to behavior issues runs in a particular bloodline, and other times owners missed a warning signs before it became a problem.

While most of these behaviors can easily be solved in the home by owner’s that have a little extra time to practice this isn’t always the case and that is where Board and Trains work best.

What is a board and train?

 Think of a Board and train as a doggy boot camp.  They are either in kennel settings or done in home types of settings.  Good board and trains allow your dog to be the trainer’s dog for the duration of the board and train which allows your dog to receive intensive and consistant training from a professional whose accurate timing can speed up your dog’s training.

Who should consider Board and Trains?

  • Life Changes: People who are having life changes like expecting a new baby or moving. Instead of being overwhelmed by trying to fit in training with a new baby or big move with a board and train you can pick up your dog with a new set of skills and better manners.  This not only doesn’t add to the stress, but encourages positive feelings with a fresh start from your dog.
  • Big Problems:  They are also great for owners who are feeling overwhelmed by a major behavior issues like aggression;because they give the owner a head start in training.  If the dog has had a few weeks of solid practice of obedience skills under their belt it will be much easier for the owner to be able to successfully implement the behavior modification program.
  • Non-Resolving Problems: If you have been struggling with a behavior issue and you have been practicing all the exercises your trainer sends you home with and your still not seeing results it might be worth asking about a board and train to give you a boost.

How to pick a board and train?

  • Word of mouth: Talk to friends and family who have well behaved dogs, if none of them have recommendations reach out to your regular dog trainer (Not all trainers offer this service). Another great resource for finding a good board and train would be talk to your vet.
  • Go there: Talk to the trainer at the facility or where the dog will be staying.  If the board and train facility has 15 dogs your dog likely won’t be receiving enough one on  one time to make a huge difference verses a trainer that has 3 dogs per employee your dog will get more one on one time.
  • Picking dates: Make sure your dog trainer will be in town while the board and train is going on, many have interns so be sure to clarify who will actually be working with your dog.
  • The proof is in the pudding.  If you see other dogs that have been through the training program and they are still struggling with basic skills like not jumping or pulling then keep looking.
  • Good Board and Trains range in price, so don’t think that the more expensive ones are always the best option.

Share with us your feedback about any experiences that you have had with a board and train.  Was it good?  Did you see the results you were hoping for?

Boarding Aggressive Dogs

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