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Busy life and a bored dog

flirt pole pitbull

Flirt Poles are a great way to exercise a dog

How do exercise your dog without wasting precious time?

You live a busy lifestyle between the kids and work the idea of taking your dog for a long evening jog just doesn’t sound appealing to most families.
 Unfortunately, unless you own a senior Basset Hound hanging out in the backyard all day simply isn’t enough.   Even with a large backyard dogs do not exercise themselves enough to meet their basic mental and physical needs at least not without picking up some bad habits like barking, digging and chewing on your shrubs. 
A yard alone doesn’t exercise your dog!  Nope! No excuses it just flat out doesn’t.
Realistically a very high percentage of family dogs do not have their basic exercise needs met which is a huge problem because your dog is forced to practice behaviors like digging, escaping, barking and fence fighting.  These behavior problems may eventually lead to rehoming, frustrated dogs and frustrated neighbors.
Try these tips to provide your dog with the exercise it desperately needs without adding a ton of work to your plate.
  • Only feed out of Kong Wobblers or feeding puzzles. Spending 30 minutes chasing their food around twice a day is a lot better than spending 30 minutes twice a day barking at squirrels.
  • Stuff a kong with peanut butter and freeze it.  This’ll give your dog another 30 minutes of mental exercise time when they are not getting into trouble.
  • Do you already take your dogs for a walk?  If so then just pop a weighted backpack to your dog! This give them double the workout without any additional work from you! ( not ideal for dogs prone to joint and back issues)
  • Buy a flirt Pole!  It’s like CrossFit for dogs.  Plus the kids will have fun with it too. Keep in mind that this should be used as a training device not a wild free-for-all Chase session.
  • Turn on a bubble machine for 30 minutes of fun time to chase bubbles.

Stop! Don’t run out and get another dog!

If you’re not meeting the mental and physical needs of one dog then you definitely can’t meet the physical and mental needs of a second dog!   It simply doesn’t work like this more often then not they will teach each other bad habits not the good ones.  Training must come from you you can’t expect another dog to teach your dog to stop digging, barking or chewing…. it just doubles the trouble!

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