Barking Dogs

I received a barking ticket or warning, what do I do now?
 Alright so you got a ticket in the mail that notifies you that your dog’s barking has been reported to your local city Animal Control.  Surely you’re feeling a little frustrated and or a little embarrassed.
The real question is how should you move forward.
When many people receive a barking warning their first step is to call their local animal control agency to let them know that their dog doesn’t or to let them know what steps they’re going to take to prevent barking in the future. Honestly, this is wasted time and effort. Animal control does not care what steps you’re doing to keep your dog from barking the only thing they care about is if they receive another complaint about your dogs barking.
What we typically recommend doing once you receive a barking warning is to talk with your neighbors and let them know what steps you will be taken to decrease the barking.
 Don’t think of this as an opportunity to blame it on the squirrels or your neighbor’s kids the more you take ownership of your dogs barking the less your neighbors will feel that they have to go to animal control to handle future barking. 
Here are some tips:
  1. Limit the amount of time your dog spends outside alone:  You cannot manage your dog when you are not there. Don’t expect your dog not to bark when unattended especially once you have received a warning
  2. Increase enrichment:  dogs that are solely fed out of enrichment feeders like kong Wobblers bark 70 percent less.
  3. Increase exercise: Increase your dogs exercise by at least 20 minutes a day and your guaranteed to see a decrease in barking.
  4. Brush up on training:  Brush up on cues like come that way you can call your dog inside the minute he starts barking. Oftentimes you will hear owners tell their dog to be quiet followed by several seconds of silence and then continued barking. Leave it is another cue that can help with barking if your dog is triggered by something specific.   Finally teach your dog how to be quiet on cue. Follow this video for step by step instructions.  teach your dog to be quiet

a tired dog

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