Best Dog Books by Category

great dog books

I will occasionally have a student that is so excited to help their dog be better behaved that they want to do some reading at home.  With the cold weather rolling in there couldn’t be a better time to snuggle up with your dog and read a good book.

I have compiled a list of a few of my favorite recommendations for dog training books. I ended up having so many favorites that I felt I needed to split them into categories so you could find them easier.

Free Audio Books:

Okay if you don’t already know about HOOPLA the free online audio book ap you should check it out. If you’re busy like me you might not have time to sit down and read a good book, but this is a great alternative.  Link to Hoopla  Here are my three favorites; some of the other ones were a little dry.

Before and After Getting Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar:  This book had loads of great content and Ian Dunbar keeps the read entertaining this is perfect for a new puppy parent

Dog Training Revolution by Zac George: I like Zak George’s training style and I have been following him on youtube for years. This book is great for any dog owner.

Lucky Dog Lessons Train Your Dog in 7 Days by Brandon McMillan: This is absolutely perfect for a owner who just adopted a dog.

Puppy Books:

Before and After Getting Your Puppy by Dr. Ian Dunbar: As I mentioned before I LOVE this book. This book has great content without being dry or boring.

Puppy Training For Kids: If you want your puppy to grow up to be a dog that listens to the kids in the home the kids have to practice with the puppy too. This is a great book to get them involved.  If you are looking for more ideas for your kids to get involved with puppy, click here

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days by Sophia Yin: This is a top favorite read of mine. The way it’s written is done so that it is not only easy to follow, but contains good content.

Adopted dog books:

Juvenile Delinquent Dog by Sue Brown: I bought this book directly from Sue Brown and it is wonderful! It is easy to follow and written in a way that you can flip right to the problem that you are having with your dog or like I did read it cover to cover.

Dog Training In 10 Minutes A Day: 10-Minute Games To Teach Your Dog New Tricks by Kyra Sundance: This book is a great book to motivate you to help your new dog learn how to be the best companion he can be. It offers short exercises you can follow so you wild new adoptee’s training can feel a little less overwhelming.

Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor: I loved it It’s not as explanatory as Donaldson’s “The Culture Clash,” but it’s a great how-to novel. After reading this book you’ll be clicker training your dog, horse and betta fish like a pro!

Behavior Problem Books:

Click to Calm Healing the Aggressive Dog by Emma Parsons: This book is great, even if you don’t have a aggressive dog this is so full of helpful tips and trick and goes a long way in helping understand the mind of a dog that is struggling with behavior problems.

Fired up, Freaked Out and Frantic by Laura VanArendonk Baugh: This book is excellent! Her way of writing, the images in her language, and the diagrams make this book really stand out; there’s no way to misunderstand the concepts she’s presenting.

Do you have a favorite dog training book?  If you do we would love to hear about it from you!









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