Why you should consider training with a long-line leash

20181208_1352265739791149893030729.jpgLong-line leashes are a very under valued training tool.  I encourage all my students to try to use them.
Why should you consider a long-line leash?
• Helps work on loose leash walking-  If we go with the notion that loose leash walking means keeping slack in the leash; while “Heel” means the dogs shoulder to your legs than a long-line gives your dog more freedom to walk without pulling.  Therefore your dog doesn’t get to practice pulling as frequently.

Here is a link if you want to learn more on teaching loose leash walking.
• You can practice teaching your dog to come to you.  Long-lines are excellent way to build a reliable recall safely.  They are light enough your dog doesn’t know he is on leash, but it ensures that you can get your dog to come back to you 100 percent of the time you are using it.

Here is a link to teaching dogs to come when called.
• This is a great way to let your dog go for a run while following the leash laws.  Your dog can run all around you while you take your daily walk getting loads more exercise.  Plus, a tired dog will also pull less.
• Great way to help your dog practice stay-  You can safely add distance and your dog has less chance of self-rewarding if they break a stay.

Here is how to teach stay.
What is a long-line leash? 
Well, it should be a light cotton line between 10-30 feet.  It is different from a retractable leash in that retractable leashes require pressure in order to extend; which means that your dog is being rewarded for pulling.  They pull and receive more length in their leash.  Where as in a long line leash your dog has a given amount of space to go.
Long-line leash tips: Sometimes getting started with a long-line can make you feel like a tangled mess.  Try getting a 10-15 foot leash until you get comfortable using your long-line leash.  Also, don’t feel like you have to hold the full leash in your hand.  Just hold the slack and one hand and use the others to collect the slack enough, so your dog doesn’t get tangled.  If your in open space you only have to hold the end.