Available dogs

πŸ’™ BUD πŸ’™3 YR OLD ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD MIXWhoever adopts me will have to learn all the same tricks I know by signing up for a training course as soon as they adopt me. Luckily I will be there to help them learn. It’s pretty easy stuff, you just gotta focus. That’s the hard part for me, but I’m getting better!Basically, I’m awesome, and I’m gonna be an awesome best friend.LATER,
BUD πŸ˜ŽπŸ’šMr. EliπŸ’š3 YEAR OLD MALINOIS MIXWhoever adopts me will have a cool dude to work with. I am confident enough that I have rocked it on the agility course and done some water retrieval.Basically, I’m awesome, and I’m gonna be an awesome working partner and pal. If your looking for a dog that’s ready to train I’m your man!LATER,
ELI πŸ˜ŽπŸ’œBeautiful BeansπŸ’œ1.5 YEAR OLD 50 POUND MIX BREEDI got my name because I’m full of Beans. I’m a fire cracker who loves running next to roller blades, training with my friends and swimming.Basically, I’m awesome and I’m ready for a home who want to do fun stuff. Rally, agility, freestyle and that sort of thing. If your ready for the fun stuff I’m your girl.πŸ’•Beanies