Become A Professional Trainer

Why choose our academy? Its not about the classroom. You will receive over 82 hours of practical experience in our facility handling our animals.  We have access to over 30 dogs in our facility at anytime where you will receive intensive hands on experience in canine handling, obedience, and behavior modification with a multitude of temperaments and breeds.

You will learn directly from our professional trainer who has over 15 years of training experience and has competed and proven dogs in 5 different sports gaining over 26 titles. Our trainer has extensive experience working with every thing from dangerous dogs to therapy and sport dogs.

“If your looking for a place to get starting in the field of animal Welfare without breaking the bank then this is the place to look into” Justin McQuick

Course Content

Section 1: Learning the dog

Body language class> 1.5 hours

Body Language observations> 5 hours

Section 2: Learning the principles of Canine Learning theory

Shadowing obedience >20 hours

Joining classes with different shelter dogs> 10 hours

Section 3: Learning your client

Shadow group obedience >5 hours

Teach three basic obedience classes to volunteers with shelter dogs=3 hours

(come up with a obedience course outline)

Section 4: Behavior Modification

Shadowing behavior modification> 25 hours

(come up with a behavior modification plan for a specific level 2 or lower)

Implement the behavior modification plan for about dog (6, 30 minute sessions)

SELF Practice behavior modification> 10 hours (With our dogs)

Course Cost

This course has 1 set price, no extras! $3,500 is the total cost to buy all four sections.


You make your learning schedule any time between the hours of 830 am and 5 pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. SELF practice maybe completed on Sunday and Monday as well.

How long do I have to complete this? We give you 4 months to complete this, but if you want to put in more time to your shadowing or training this you can complete it much faster.

Want to learn more? If you have questions please contact us today!