Private Dog Training

Mastiff Stay

Our trainers have had extensive experience working with behavior problem dogs. We work with owners to develop training plans that directly address your dog’s concerning behaviors. We recommend individual private classes that truly address your dog’s needs to meet your goals in a timely manner.

We address behavior problems including:

  • Nuisance behavior problems including jumping, humping, marking, escaping, barking, digging and leash pulling
  • Puppy behaviors like chewing, mouthing, house training, jumping or stealing items.
  • Adolescent dog behaviors like jumping, pulling, door bolting and recalls.
  • Fear Issues, including lack of socialization, barking, grooming, vet fear and hiding.
  • Aggression and protection problems such as lunging, barking, growling and protecting.
  • Family dynamics we can help prepare dogs for changes in the family such as a new baby and work on the dynamics between children and dogs.
  • Separation anxiety and other forms of anxiety.


In home Training: Click Here to Meet Our Trainers

  • Great for homes with multiple dogs
  • Fits schedules that are busy
  • We come to you
  • Addresses behaviors where you live.
  • Budget Friendly!

About Classes
Our first class includes a consultation. It runs between a hour and 15 minutes long and a hour and 20 minutes long. After your first class all classes run one hour long. They are offered in your home.

Pricing In-Home

  • 1 single class OR consultation: $70
  • 4 pack of in-home classes: $260
  • 6 pack of in-home classes: $375
  • You may qualify for a discount if you live in the zip code of 80231

How to get started with training; fill out a contact us form for fastest contact back: Contact

For extreme behavior issues, such as biting that breaks skin or dog to dog aggression please also fill out this additional questionnaire: Questionnaire for behavior

Then read this to learn how to best prepare your dog for class; Before Behavior Modification Starts: Prepping your dog to learn

Live somewhere far from everything?

On a budget or not sure if you really need a trainer?

We also offer online training chats and video training plans that are easy to follow. You send us videos of your sessions for us to watch and we chat about each one. You get detailed written and video plans back

  • 1 single includes; 45 minute chat + Video assesment + training plan and videos: $30
  • 4 pack, includes four described above: $110
  • 6 pack; includes six desciribed above: $150

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