Drop In Classes


Rally: Please call Jody before

Rally uses basic obedience moves to navigate a “course” laid out with signs. The handlers/dog team will learn the Rally signs. These signs are just a combination of sits, downs, and heeling. Rally is a fun and exciting way to promote a positive working relationship between handler and dog while the chance to earn AKC titles. As always you can just take this class for a great night out with the dog!

Trainer: Jody Kelly       Cost: $15.00        When: Friday nights         Time: 6:00 PM     Contact:   720-842-2183

Advanced Heeling: Please call Ahmia before 

Take your heel to the next level. This class is perfect for dog that already went through any six week package! If you’re wanting to have a good time continue practicing with your dog or you’re looking to step it up a notch before dog show this is the drop in class for you.

Trainer: Ahmia Scott       Cost: $15.00        When: Sunday Nights         Time: 7:00 PM     Contact:   720-277-7786

Puppy Playtime: Please call Ahmia before

Join us for our $5.00 puppy playtime!  We offer supervised puppy playtime for puppies 5 months and under. Please bring treats and vaccine records.

Trainer: Ahmia Scott       Cost: $15.00        When: Sunday Nights         Time: 6:00 PM     Contact:   720-277-7786