Drop In Classes



Rally uses basic obedience moves to navigate a “course” laid out with signs. The handlers/dog team will learn the Rally signs. These signs are just a combination of sits, downs, and heeling. Rally is a fun and exciting way to promote a positive working relationship between handler and dog while the chance to earn AKC titles. As always you can just take this class for a great night out with the dog!

Trainer: Jody Kelly       Cost: $15.00           Contact:   720-842-2183

Advanced Heeling:

Take your heel to the next level. This class is perfect for dog that already went through any six week package! If you’re wanting to have a good time continue practicing with your dog or you’re looking to step it up a notch before dog show this is the drop in class for you.

Trainer: Raven       Cost: $15.00       Contact:   808-469-0540

Puppy Playtime:

Join us for our $5.00 puppy playtime!  We offer supervised puppy playtime for puppies 5 months and under. Please bring treats and vaccine records.  We offer training support and advise as well.

Trainer: Raven       Cost: $5.00       Contact:   808-469-0540

Nose Work:

K9 Nose Work is a sport that uses your dogʼs natural instincts of hunting to train your dog to identify and locate food/toy/odor. It is a sanctioned sport by the National Association of Canine Scent Work.   **REACTIVE DOG APPROVED**

Trainer: Jody Kelly       Cost: $15.00           Contact:   720-842-2183


Dog Parkour, also known as urban dog agility, is a method of exercising your dog using public structural components and park furniture. It combines elements of human and dog agility to create an accessible sport. Looking for a fun way to build your dog’s confidence? Want your usual walk to be more challenging and creative? Try dog parkour! Dog parkour, sometimes called “urban agility,” teaches dogs to try new things with their bodies and handlers to identify opportunities for canine enrichment. We will introduce the fundamentals of dog parkour, including training methods, safety protocols, and behavior guidelines.

Trainer: Raven       Cost: $5.00       Contact:   808-469-0540







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