We offer events including speakers and AKC Events. If you are interested in holding an event or being a vendor please contact us.

Puppy classes,
Single session:
Aug 17th at 3 pm (Puppy obedience for puppies 5 months and under)
6 week package:
August 23rd at 4 pm for puppies 5 months and under, we follow puppy culture and do the AKC Puppy Star!

Adult dog classes,
Aug 29th at 330 obedience course week 1 runs for 6 weeks long, covers loose leash walking, heel, leave it, focus under distraction, stay, back and come.
Aug 31st 11 am training self control
Sept 3rd at 4pm Loose leash walking training
Sept 11th at 4pm wait at doors, focus and leave it
Sept 17th at 4 pm teaching dogs not to jump and building dog’s focus on handler.
Sept 28th at 1130 am loose leash walking and building focus 2
Aug 24th at 11 am training a distraction proof come (no prerequisite)
Aug 17th at 10 am (Obedience drop in dogs must know come, sit, down and stay (at least a little bit).