Board and Trains

What is a board and train?

Think of a Board and train as a doggy boot camp. A doggy boot camp where your dog or puppy will receive intensive and consistant training from a professional who focuses on your specific training goals. Your dog will live with our trainer and go where they go. Your dog will be the only animal in the home.

You will receive daily photos of your dog’s learning or adventures and weekly videos of your dogs progress.

Who should consider Board and Trains?

  • Life Changes: People who are having life changes like expecting a new baby or moving. Instead of being overwhelmed by trying to fit in training with a new baby or big move with a board and train you can pick up your dog with a new set of skills and better manners. This not only doesn’t add to the stress, but encourages positive feelings with a fresh start from your dog.
  • Big Problems: They are also great for owners who are feeling overwhelmed by a major behavior issues like aggression;because they give the owner a head start in training. If the dog has had a few weeks of solid practice of obedience skills under their belt it will be much easier for the owner to be able to successfully implement the behavior modification program.
  • Non-Resolving Problems: If you have been struggling with a behavior issue and you have been practicing all the exercises your trainer sends you home with and your still not seeing results it might be worth asking about a board and train to give you a boost.
  • Busy life: If you are finding yourself to busy to practice training during puppyhood a board and train can get your puppy off on the right foot. Also, if you don’t have the time to insure daily socialization we can help make sure you don’t miss the critical window of socialization.

The Costs: We charge $450 a week for one dog and that can be prorated for shorter durations. For multiple dogs to stay with us for it is an extra $170 per week per dog. We accept payment at time of pickup and before drop off.

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