Puppy Training Classes

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  • Beginner Babies: (4 week program) $100 This class is for puppies with two rounds of vaccines between the ages of 9 weeks old and 16 weeks old. We work on preparing you and your puppy for a lifetime of good behavior and build confidence and good manners.
    • Each week there is 20 minutes of puppy playtime at the end of class.
    • Week 1: This class teaches the basic principles of communication. We teach the reward marker “Yes” and teach your puppy the foundation of walking on their harnesses.
    • Week 2: Teaching communication, body handling (nails, toes, tummy, tails), brushing, your puppy meets the other puppy owner and practices meeting people. We teach your puppy to “Come” when called.
    • Week 3: Courage course week: encourage your puppy to walk on different surfaces and concur obsticals. Your puppy learns how to sit and practices sitting at doors, sitting for the food bowl and sitting for new people.
    • Week 4: Your puppy learns to like to share his food, he learns how to share a bone, and he learns how to lay down on cue. He will practice laying down for different people in the classroom.

Our trainers feel strongly about EARLY puppy socialization (12 weeks and younger) and we want you to get the very best start with your puppy. If you have a new puppy please check out the free educational links below.

  • Puppy Beginner: (6 week program) $130
    • Created for puppies from 4 months old to 8 months old. Each week allows 10 – 15 minutes of play at the end of class.
    • This class covers foundation obedience skills that set your dog up for a lifetime of good manners. This is a perfect follow up class to beginner babies.
      • sit
      • down
      • stay
      • come
      • leave it
      • off
      • Settle
  • Puppy intermediate: (6 week program) $130
    • For puppies who have tested in or completed our puppy beginner (to test in contact us for a free 15 minute test)
    • This class builds impulse control training, works on distractions and teaches loose leash walking.
      • Look (eye contact on cue)
      • Loose leash walking- no pulling
      • Heel- getting the correct position
      • Bed (going to a mat on cue)
      • Back up
      • Find it
      • Sit stay while dogs pass and people greet your dog.

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