Board and Train

A more intensive training where your dog will come stay in our home and build a foundation. Building the initial foundation is the harder and more time-consuming part of training. We can do the heavy lifting for you and jumpstart your new lifestyle with your pup. During your dog’s stay, they will live as part of our family, not in a loud boarding facility. They will live amongst my pack in a structured yet loving environment. This is NOT a “Drop and Fix” solution. As the owner, you are going to be a huge part of your dog’s success after the program. If we are expecting your dog to make some changes, you must as well. This will be a lifestyle change for the better of your relationship. During the follow-up sessions, you will be taught how to not only maintain but also continue to improve your dog’s behavior and your relationship. You will understand the use of clickers, verbal markers, rewards, timing, and the tools that were used in your dog’s training.

Please contact Jaimie to discuss the best program length for your dog. Program length depends on their behavior and your goals. There is a one-week minimum for basic obedience or puppy foundation. Behavior modification cases are three-weeks minimum.

1-2 Week Board and Train

This training program is for dogs that need basic obedience or a tune-up for what they already know. This is a great option for puppies (starting at 4 months of age)! This program is not for your dog if they exhibit more severe behavioral issues like extreme anxiety, fear, phobias, reactivity, resource guarding, or aggression.

What your dog will learn during their stay:

    • Marker words/clicker
    • Crate manners
    • Loose leash walk
    • Place command
    • Food manners
    • Waiting at thresholds (i.e. doors, crate, car, etc.)
    • Short distance recall
    • Remove specific problem behaviors such as: jumping on guests, counter surfing, digging, puppy biting, demand barking, etc.

3-4 Week Board and Train

This training package is for dogs who need basic obedience but also have behavioral issues such as leash reactivity, resource guarding, fear, anxiety, or aggression. This is also a good option for dogs with no behavioral issues but you want off-leash reliability!

What your dog will learn during their stay:

    • Everything included in the 1-2 week board and train
    • Counter conditioning and desensitization to reduce reaction to triggers and intensity of emotional response to triggers
    • Confidence building
    • Impulse control
    • Long-distance recall
    • If training for off-leash reliability, conditioning to the ecollar

Programs include: 

  • Daily Training in applicable environments
  • 1hr session at pickup
  • Written customized “Go Home Packet” to help you easily navigate their return
  • Video footage of sessions
  • 1 follow up session after 1-week program, 2 sessions after 2-week program, or unlimited follow up lessons for 6 months after Behavioral Board and Train
  • VIP membership to Alumni socialization events, group training, and pack walks 
  • Priority access to Holiday boarding
  • Lifetime support! Full access to me online or by phone for the life of the dog 

Board and Trains are not an option for severe human aggression or separation anxiety cases. Jaimie prefers to handle these cases as Private Sessions. Please contact her to formulate the best course of action for you and your dog.

Space for Behavioral Board and Train program is very limited. Jaimie only takes one dog at a time so your dog is her only focus.

$1,500 per week

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