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My name is Jaimie, I’m a South Florida dog trainer specializing in behavior modification. Using dog psychology, I focus on building relationships between human and dog based on: mutual trust, respect, clear communication, and mindfulness. I help dogs understand how to navigate our human world and teach humans the language of dog to better lead them through it. I keep training simple and use a relationship-based approach that yields real results without intimidating dogs.

Years ago, I was right where you are today. Before I was a trainer, I was an owner and rescue worker wanting to be the best version of myself so I can help my dogs and the rescues be their very best self.

I’ve been working with dogs since 2018, starting in rescue. I started with obedience training to help dogs get adopted faster. We had a few long timers that weren’t getting out due to behavior issues, including one of my own pack members now, Harley. I immersed myself in learning all things dog psychology and behavior modification, and shadowed multiple trainers. I had a knack for it and fell in love with watching dogs grow and blossom. I’m a forever student of the dog — always open to furthering my knowledge and continuing till this day to travel nationwide, attending seminars and workshops. That and my hands-on experience with hundreds of dogs has taught me so much — we never stop learning!

Your dog is my passion. The fulfillment I get watching dogs transform; to see their anxiety, fear and stress melt away by giving them confidence through leadership is an indescribable feeling.

My goal with Balanced K9 is to keep dogs in their home. I want to lower the amount of dogs surrendered or returned to the shelter due to preventable and trainable behavioral issues. Harmony and joy can be found for families struggling with their dog and I would like to help! 

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Our Services


Virtual Session

Looking for guidance with your dog from the comfort of your own home?

Structured Walk

Providing structured exercise for your dog and training how to walk with a loose leash.

Private Session

We come to you and help with any behavioral issues you may be having.

Full Day Training

Kickstart a new lifestyle for your dog with our Day Trains.

Monica O.

I have a pack of 4 dogs and had completely lost control over my home. I was in over my head when I rescued the 4th, a high energy Pointer and was ready to rehome her if I couldn’t find a solution. Jaimie was my solution, she is an absolute miracle worker!! She helped teach me how to manage a multi-dog home and how to fulfill each of my working breed dogs as individuals. All my dogs can be walked together as a pack now!! I never thought that would be possible. Jaimie changed our life.

Monica and Pack
Sarah F.

Really loved working with Jaimie to help correct my dog’s reactivity to people. She was super knowledgeable about what we could work on to improve Roxy’s behavior step by step, and was great with explaining not just what to do but the logic behind what the underlying problems were and what I could do to address them. She is flexible when it comes to finding times to train, and clearly has a passion for helping people and pets live their best lives together. Would recommend her to any dog owner whether you’re looking to teach basic dog ‘manners’ or correct larger problems!!

Sarah and Roxy
Lorena D.

Finding the right trainer for our fur baby was a challenge for us. We got so many referrals to trainers that turned out to be aggressive with our dog and inflexible. Then we met Jamie… She is absolutely amazing! You can see her love of dogs and connection with them. She is patient and kind.  We truly feel lucky to have met her and had her as our dog’s trainer! She made a world of difference in his training!

Ana V.

Jaimie is, without a doubt, South Florida's dog whisperer. Me and my basset hound Chestnut met Jaimie in the Fall of 2021. Chestnut was my foster dog and I was unsure at the time whether I could handle her high energy and nippy behavior. Jaimie not only put me at ease - and handled Chestnut with great poise and love - but she made me realize that Chestnut and I were meant to be together if we put in the time and put to practice some of Jaimie's training tools. Jaimie knows her stuff; she's gentle but firm, patient and kind and ALWAYS just a text away willing to answer all my questions. She's also the best dog sitter in town.

Ana and Chestnut

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